Guess What 3 - Pupils Book - Cambridge

SKU: 9781107528017 ISBN: 9781107528017
Beautiful world photography, captivating real-life video and interest-grabbing topics take young learners on a remarkable journey to explore the world as they learn English.
Are you ready to explore? Why do whales jump out of water? What makes our bodies move?

Guess What! is a six-level course that invites children to explore the world through engaging facts, amazing photography and captivating video.
The full-colour Activity Book Level 1 provides further consolidation of all the language and topics presented in the Pupil's Book.

Learners can keep a record of their learning with Evaluation sections and improve vocabulary with a full-colour Picture dictionary.

Additional online practice with automated marking and progress tracking tools in the Cambridge Learning Management System help teachers monitor learners' progress.
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